Activities For Kids During Covid-19

Looking for ways to keep the kiddos entertained and connected during this pandemic? Here is a list of activities you can do with your kids and to encourage them to share with their friends, neighbors, and family, while teaching them something new!

Start a Car Parade

Get in on the fun! Whether you want to celebrate your Spring baby’s birthday or that big 4-0 milestone…. Invite your friends to drive by your home and spread the birthday cheer.  I am sure they could use the excuse to get out of the house anyway!

Or say Thank You to a neighborhood frontline hero. Gather the kids up and make an event out of decorating the car. Use anything you can find, toilet paper, balloons, gift wrapping, or paintings the kids have made recently. Load them up in the car, pump up the music and drive to their house and share that love and appreciation we all feel for them.

Say it with Chalk

If gathering up the kids and getting in the car seems like a daunting task… just #ChalktheWalk. Grab some chalk and draw hearts, rainbows, or encouraging messages for your neighbors to see!

Don’t forget to share the pictures with us via social media @MJHS01- We want to see them!

Find a Pen Pal

Remember back in the day, before emails, texts, and zoom meetings there was… writing a letter. Now is a great time to introduce your kids to this ‘oldie but goodie’. They can meet a new friend across the country, the state, or even across the street, the good old-fashioned way…. snail mail.

The first place you can start looking is within your own group of friends who live out of state and have kids of their own. Or friends of friends. You never know, your kids may start to form bonds they will have for a lifetime.

If you don’t have any out-of-state friends, check out your local parents’ Facebook group and see if anyone is interested. There are also groups already dedicated to connecting kids with pen-pals, like Pen Pal For Kids.

If your kids can’t read or write yet, have them draw a picture instead.

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Reach out to your local parents’ group on Facebook or Nextdoor and organize a neighborhood scavenger hunt. Invite them to put something on their window on a set date, it could be a homemade heart, rainbow, child toys, smiley faces, whatever you can think of.  Then take the kids on a long walk through your neighborhood looking for these items. Take pictures of the hunt and share the love with everyone, especially us @ MJHS01.

Teach Them About Giving

There is no better time to show your children the profound effect that giving and paying it forward can have on someone. Whether it’s writing a letter to an elderly neighbor, talking to them about the importance of raising funds to support frontline staff, donating to a charity that helps children or just giving their time to call someone who may be alone. Instill in them a culture of giving and paying it forward.