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Supporting Dementia Care

In the delicate journey of caring for loved ones with dementia, we are met with a reality where cherished memories slip away, and familiar names become echoes of the past. As dedicated caregivers, we find ourselves tending to our beloved family members and grappling with the gentle shifting of our identities and independence. The weight of this journey is profound, touching the very essence of familial bonds.

MJHS Health System’s Commitment

Since 1907, the MJHS Health System has served as a pillar of comfort and care, empathizing with the unique challenges of those navigating the complexities of health care, including dementia. Our commitment transcends mere caregiving; through our Foundation, we also actively raise funds to ensure that patients and families in our community can consistently receive the necessary support and guidance throughout their journey with dementia.

  • Creating Havens of Care: Our dedication to dementia care extends throughout our system. At Menorah, the MJHS Memory Care Residence is exclusively designed for patients and families facing the challenges of dementia. Simultaneously, Isabella Center embraces residents with specialized areas crafted to provide tailored care and understanding.
  • End-of-Life Dementia Care: In the final chapters of life, when the challenges of dementia become particularly poignant, our hospice care programs step forward. At MJHS, we recognize the delicate nature of this phase, and our hospice teams are adept at providing comfort, dignity, and support during these profound moments.
  • The “Keys to Connection” Campaign: In 2018, we initiated the “Keys to Connection” capital campaign, a gentle endeavor to create a dedicated Memory Care Residence on the Menorah Campus grounds. This space reinforces our commitment to building a supportive environment for those facing the challenges of dementia.
  • The STAR Fund: A Gentle Touch for Caregivers: Recognizing caregivers’ profound role, we also created the STAR Fund – a gentle touch of support for those in our hospice program. This fund helps caregivers by providing additional home health aide support, ensuring their loved one’s needs are met with the utmost care and tenderness.
  • Art and Music Therapy: The role of art and music in dementia care is profound, as visual art, music, literature, and the arts enrich the lives of people with dementia, providing them with a creative outlet to express their emotions and connect with others. At MJHS, we understand the transformative power of these expressive forms. By supporting dementia care programs like Art and Music Therapy, we ensure that these vital resources continue to play a pivotal role in coloring the journey of patients and their families, fostering moments of joy, connection, and emotional well-being amidst the challenges they may encounter.

MJHS Foundation’s Role

The role of the MJHS Foundation is pivotal in sustaining these initiatives. Through your support and community kindness, the Foundation ensures the continued operation and expansion of essential programs that bring comfort and warmth to those touched by dementia.

As we strive to make a difference in the realm of dementia care, MJHS Health System’s commitment remains gentle and steadfast. Our dedication to providing compassionate, innovative, and personalized care is unwavering regardless of where individuals and families find themselves in our care journey.

Your Support, Our Commitment 

In these challenging times, everyone deserves a gentle touch of compassion regardless of where they are in their care journey. Whether it’s $25 or $50, your support directly contributes to continuing these care services for individuals and families navigating the intricate path of dementia.

Be Part of our Giving Connection

Your donation to the MJHS Foundation not only supports innovative programs but also extends a gentle hand of compassion to those facing the challenges of dementia. 

Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and commitment to bringing comfort and solace to those navigating the intricate path of dementia. Together, let’s continue making a meaningful impact.

MJHS Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.