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Dementia: A Reality

For so many families dealing with Dementia, there is a cold reality: we will watch our loved one slowly slip away into a world we are no longer part of. Slowly forgetting our names and gradually losing all the memories they tried so hard to cling to.

And as we commit ourselves to the care of our loved one, we will slowly lose a sense of ourselves and our own independence. According to the CDC, most people with Alzheimer’s diseases and related dementias are being cared for in their homes by a family member and they will do so longer than caregivers of people with other conditions.

Responding to Reality

At MJHS, we have been caring for the frail and elderly since 1907, so we are keenly aware of the increasing need to provide our community with programs that provide support for families dealing with dementia. Dementia care and support is available, no matter where you are in the continuum of our care.

Over the years, we have successfully developed a non-pharmacological approach to memory care and implemented programs to help patients thrive;

  • Music therapy to help improve mood and reduce agitation
  • Art therapy to provide an avenue for non-verbal creative expression
  • Dance and music therapy to help improve mobility and balance
  • Drama therapy to enhance coping skills and promotes self-expression

And to take it a step further in 2018 we also launched our Keys to Connection capital campaign aimed at designing a dedicated Memory Care Residence on the grounds of Menorah Campus.

But, We Still Need Your Support

It is our belief and in our founding, core values that everyone deserves dignity. Everyone. But to provide these programs we rely on donations from our community.

Please give $25 or $50 today to fund the many essential programs and services we provide for people and families dealing with Dementia.

Thank you for your donation. Thank you for your kindness.

MJHS Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.