Honoring a Loved One
While Supporting Vital Services

What is a Memorial Fund?


A memorial fund is a charitable fund established to accept donations in memory of, or in honor of a loved one who has passed. It is a personal way to honor their legacy while having a meaningful impact on the care we provide.  Most people create a memorial fund to raise money for a cause that was important to their loved one, or personal to them.

Meet Judy. As a way to honor her late husband Jerry, Judy Gold chose to create a fund that is dedicated to supporting family caregivers. Since starting the Jerry Gold Memorial Fund in 2017, Judy’s friends and family have raised enough funds to provide almost 2,000 hours of Home Health Aide care to support family caregivers experiencing burnout or distress.

For Trish, it was her experience consulting with our medical ethics committee when her husband was receiving our hospice care that compelled her to establish the  Philip Littman Memorial Fund for Medical Ethics.  Phil was a doctor committed to caring for his patients and when his ALS progressed, he and Trish needed help navigating their options.  The ethics committee helped them through the challenging questions and Trish felt there was no better way to honor his legacy.

These memorial funds have been critical in helping MJHS continue to go above and beyond for our patients and their families.  Creating a named fund also gives families and their networks the opportunity to celebrate the legacy of a loved one while having a lasting impact for years to come.

Starting a Memorial Fund with MJHS

At MJHS we have many programs and services that need ongoing support so we can continue to provide them to our community. Some of these include Creative Arts Therapy, Caregiver Support, Dementia Care and Pastoral Care, to name a few. Start by choosing one that speaks to you and that you feel is close to your heart.

After you have chosen an area of care to focus on, invite others to join you in honoring your loved one with a gift in their name. Some families choose to do this yearly on their loved one’s birthday or anniversary of their passing. The cadence is up to you, but whatever funds you raise will be restricted to the program you’ve chosen.

We are with you every step of the way

Our Foundation will support you every step of the way- from assisting you in creating letters and emails to drafting the message for your peers.

If you are interested in memorializing your loved one with a named fund, please reach out to Allison Wesalo at [email protected] or fill out the contact us form.

Interested in Starting a Memorial Fund ?

    Browse Our Funds

    The Louis Arturo Rago Memorial Fund

    Established to celebrate Louis 3rd birthday, this fund supports pediatric hospice care at MJHS.

    Jason Steadman Memorial Fund

    Created to commemorate the anniversary of Jason’s passing, this fund supports caregivers of MJHS Hospice.  

    Philip Littman Memorial Fund for Medical Ethics

    Created to commemorate the anniversary of her husbands passing, this fund supports the MJHS Hospice Medical Ethics Program.

    Jerry Gold Memorial Fund

    To commemorate the anniversary of her husbands passing, Judy established this fund in support of the MJHS Hospice STAR Program.