Jason Steadman Memorial Fund

Jason Steadman Memorial Fund

Created to commemorate the anniversary of Jason’s passing, his family and friends created the Jason Steadman Memorial Fund to support caregivers of MJHS Hospice.

Jason’s terminal diagnosis impacted our entire family, and as the emotional and logistical demands grew, our family was able to hire home health aides full-time to help care for Jason at home. Many family caregivers are not as lucky.

Through MJHS Hospice we learned that this is a common problem, which is why they established the Supportive Treatment and Resources Program (STAR). The program is aimed at raising funds to provide family caregivers with additional home health aide hours to help them care for their loved one.

For every $23 you donate, MJHS will provide an additional hour of home health aide support to a family in need.

Thank you for keeping Jason’s legacy alive by supporting this very special program. Every $100 provides an additional 4 hours of caregiver support.

-Katherine and Juli