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What is the MJHS Foundation?

MJHS is mission-driven to provide superior care and quality programs to at-risk members of our community. The MJHS Foundation raises the funds necessary to make this care a reality, supporting people of all ages and income levels receiving services throughout the MJHS Health System.

When you support the MJHS Foundation, you are giving more than money.  You are joining with us to say you believe that caring is doing.  Your charitable support continues the traditions of generosity and community service started over 110 years ago by our founders, Four Brooklyn Ladies. By donating, you are helping those people that rely on us the most, our patients.

What do Donations to MJHS Foundation Support?

Your gifts allow MJHS to continue to provide comprehensive, high-quality care to your loved ones, friends, neighbors, and innumerable families when they need it most, and we thank you.

The MJHS Foundation uses donations to help in a variety of areas including patient care, research and education, spiritual support, as well as supportive services for families.

Gifts to MJHS Foundation, allow dedicated staff to go above and beyond in care. Your donations directly support:

    • Quality of Life, Medical Needs & Bill Assistance: The MJHS Patient Care Fund is supported solely by donors and assists patients with the parts of daily life that insurance does not cover. These might include purchasing a space heater when a patient’s heat has been turned off or celebrating a birthday of one of our pediatric patients.
    • COVID-19 Relief: As our staff remains on the frontlines caring for our most vulnerable patients and residents, PPE has become a necessity in maintaining the safety of all. Our COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, which recently just surpassed $100K raised, provides N95 masks, disposable gloves, disposable gowns, and any necessary PPE.
    • Art & Music Therapy: As was the case with Mr. LeRoy and Cheryl, art and music therapy can be important outlets for patients as well as their families. These therapies can also play important roles in comforting patients, expressing grief, or assisting in dementia care.
    • Veteran Support: MJHS provides essential care specifically tailored to our honored veterans. Brief examples of this specific care include respectful inquiry, compassionate listening, and grateful acknowledgement when getting to know the men and women behind the uniforms. MJHS is the first hospice in the Greater New York area to earn a Level 5 partner status in the We Honor Veterans program by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.
    • Respectful, Compassionate Care: We are able provide cultural competency partnerships (like SageCare) and training programs to MJHS staff, creating a welcoming environment without discrimination. Our staff is also able to cater to the specific needs of Holocaust survivors and Jewish patients as well as many other religions and cultures.
    • Recreational Programs: Donations sometimes allow us to offer field trips and other recreational programs and therapies to our nursing center residents, giving them the opportunity to socialize and actively participate in programs that provide them with enjoyment. For example, eight of our Menorah Center residents were treated to a VIP experience at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which included a docent guided tour, drawing activity and stimulating conversations about muses, artists and painting techniques. We are also able to offer dance and horticulture therapies.
    • Dementia Care: Our Menorah Center residents also benefit from the Keys to Dementia Care program, a data-driven curriculum developed by MJHS which leverages the power of music and instruments to reconnect residents with memories and help re-open minds. Donations to MJHS Foundation help support this initiative and continued training on music-assisted therapies for our staff.

Want to Donate?

It’s nearly impossible to put into words all the good that the MJHS Foundation has been able to provide over the last century, but all of it is thanks to our generous donors. If you believe, as we do, that life is to be celebrated as long as it’s lived and that everyone deserves access to care, please consider donating to the MJHS Foundation today. As one of the largest not-for-profit health systems in the region, every dime that we receive supports our specialized services.