For over 100 years, MJHS Health System has relied on the generosity of our donors to provide programs and services to the community. It started in 1907 with the help of charitable support and Four Brooklyn Ladies. And it hasn’t wavered since.

A lot has changed over time, but a lot has stayed the same too. Today, we still depend on the generosity of donors to continue to provide care that is not always covered for by insurance.

Your Gift in Action are compilations of real-life stories from our patients that bring our mission of caring, to life. And we couldn’t do it with out your continuous support.

Support our stories of caring

From new programs to important partnerships and grants, every step forward means better, more affordable health care for those in need. It’s all about helping our patients live their very best lives, no matter what stage of life they are in.

And we could never do it without you. 

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Honoring Our Clinicians

In honor of National Nurses Month, we’re highlighting the Circle of Caring program at MJHS . Since its inception in 2021, grateful families have honored over 115 MJHS clinicians – nurses, doctors, pastoral care, therapists, social workers, and staff, who have dedicated their lives to helping others.

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Building Memories at the End of Life

Joe was in an endless cycle of emergency room visits with no one at home to help care for him. His MJHS Hospice care team was concerned about his safety but wanted to honor his wish to remain living in his own home. Read his story.

Man with hand on his head looking sad

Honoring a Patient’s Wish

Joe was in an endless cycle of emergency room visits with no one at home to help care for him. His MJHS Hospice care team was concerned about his safety but wanted to honor his wish to remain living in his own home. Read his story.

Little Girl Sitting Around Presents

Spreading Holiday Cheer to our Littlest of Patients

What started as a small toy collection ten years ago has now grown into a cherished annual tradition. Thanks to the generosity of our MJHS Young Leadership Council members and donors, almost 200 toys, games, and art supplies were purchased for our kids last year!

Inspired by Nature, Supported by You

Inspired by the blooming flowers, sunshine, and ocean views at our Menorah Center, the Memory Care residents are creating bright and cheerful artwork this summer. Your support ensures that our residents have access to creative art therapies every day. Learn more.

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Finding Love And Leaving A Legacy

Raymond struggled knowing he was going to lose the love of his life, Annette. Our care team was able to help them cherish their remaining time together, that is why Raymond is giving back. Read their story.

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Extraordinary Care Every Step of The Way

Though Anthony was nearly two decades older than his little sister, Gianna, the two of them were inseparable from the start. Anthony was his sister’s primary caregiver, and when Gianna was diagnosed with cancer at 10 years old, they struggled with navigating her treatments. Read how gifts to MJHS Foundation help support her extraordinary care.

Holiday Joy and Celebrations

Even though the spring holidays may be a bit different this year, it is still important to find ways to connect with our loved ones. And thanks to generous donations, our team at Menorah was able to make it extra special. Learn More.

Nathan’s Story – Creating Lasting Memories

Nathan is a vibrant and goofy 8-year-old who was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Learn how the MJHS Patient Care Fund helped them create a lasting memory they could have forever.

Isabella Center Residents Receive Vaccine

Because of MJHS donors like you, we have been able to equip our staff with personal protective equipment (PPE) that is essential to ensuring that our patients and residents, like William and Rosaline, are safe and continue to receive the care that they need. Read their story.

Making a Difference in the Life of a Pediatric Hospice Patient

“I hope that no family ever has to go through the pain caused by a terminal diagnosis, but if they do, your support enables MJHS Hospice to be by their side.”

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Supporting Families in Need

Mary was afraid to eat dinner because she had no one to help her go to the bathroom at night. Learn how we were able to provide additional care for her.

Menorah Residents Celebrate

Our summer plans may have changed because of the pandemic. But at MJHS, what hasn’t changed is our commitment to providing engaging therapeutic activities for our Menorah Center residents.

Patient Care Fund Helps Patients Stay Warm at Home

For three days in the middle of a frigid January in New York, Robert was living without heat. Read how we stepped in to help.

Kamiyah’s Story – Creating Lasting Memories

During the holidays, Kamiyah was able to just be a kid and celebrate a cheerful Christmas with her family. Learn how your support helped provide holiday cheer.

Honoring Veterans at the End of Life

Our music therapy and veteran services are only possible thanks to philanthropic support from donors like you. Thank you for helping us provide compassionate, expert care for our patients and their families.

Honoring a Patient’s Pride

It was Alex’s dream to attend the NYC Pride Parade in person. Read how your donations allowed us to make this special moment happen.

Unlocking Memories

Jackie’s health was declining, and her family was worried about her. Read how our caring nurse, social worker, and music therapist brought comfort and peace of mind.

MJHS Celebrates Love

When George started to receive MJHS Hospice services, Gilva found the support invaluable – not only from the medical staff, but from the rabbi and music therapist.

Yolanda’s Story – Building Memories

Thanks to people like you, Yolanda was able to just be a mom for a night, her daughter got a break from caregiving and the youngest children had a chance to giggle without a care in the world.

A Day at the Museum

Philanthropic support from donors like you that help Menorah Center continue to offer incredibly dynamic field trips, art therapy and other creative programs for residents.

An Unbreakable Bond

This is Carl and Mark’s story.

A Dying Grandmothers Last Wish

This is Edie’s story.

The Gift of Shabbos

This is Mickey’s Story.

Honoring Jerry’s Legacy

After Jerry passed away, Judy decided to honor his legacy and give back to MJHS by creating a memorial fund that would support the MJHS Golden Family STAR Program.