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Caring Connections

Gifts to MJHS Foundation allow MJHS to continue to provide comprehensive, high-quality care to your loved ones, friends, neighbors, and innumerable families when they need it most.

The MJHS Foundation uses these donations to help in a variety of areas including patient care, research and education, spiritual support, as well as supportive services for families. We’re always looking for more ways to create awareness about the importance of supporting not-for-profits¬† and the real need of the community. That is why we created these valuable articles to provide insight on the incredible need of our patients and how your gifts can make a difference.

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Our Commitment to Jewish Programming

The provision of compassionate and culturally sensitive care is paramount in health care. For the MJHS Health System, this extends beyond medical treatment to encompass our diverse patient population’s spiritual and religious needs.

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Why Donating to Hospice Care Matters

NY faces a unique challenge when it comes to hospice care: it has the lowest utilization rate in the nation. This means thousands of New Yorkers, particularly from underserved communities, are potentially missing out on the comfort and support hospice care offers at the end of life.

Philanthropy and Foundations

The Role of Foundations Play in Philanthropy

In the vast landscape of philanthropy, foundations stand as pillars of change, providing influence and resources to address important issues within their communities or areas of focus.

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A Guide to Meaningful Memorial Funds

Memorial funds offer a dynamic way to honor the life and values of someone special. But what are they, how can you create one, and how do you ensure it thrives over time?

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Supporting Hospice Caregivers

Support helps ensure that the journey through hospice is one of comfort, not just for the patients but also for the selfless heroes who stand by their side.

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Donating to Not-for-Profit Health Care

Health care is crucial for society, enabling fulfilling lives and community contributions. But what if insurance fails? Gaps in coverage can lead to financial and emotional struggles for individuals and families.

Man Smiling- We do it for him

About Year-End Charitable Giving

Your gifts allow MJHS to continue to provide comprehensive, high-quality care to your loved ones, friends, neighbors, and innumerable families when they need it most, and we thank you.

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The Role of Art and Music in Dementia

Music and visual art allow patients with dementia to engage and communicate with others, even as their condition progresses.

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Ways You Can Leave a Legacy: Planned Giving

Planned gifts can take multiple forms. You can plan to gift appreciating assets such as artwork and homes, or you can plan to give monetary gifts that directly benefit your charitable cause after your death. Learn More

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Why is Year-End Giving Important for Not-for-Profits?

Charitable giving during the holiday season is essential for not-for-profits because it is the time of year when they receive most of the donations that make their services possible.