Planned Giving

Create a personal legacy supporting the communities we serve.

We invite you to explore how planned giving can help you realize your financial and estate planning goals while supporting the transformative programs and services of MJHS Health System.

Members who choose to make a planned gift to the MJHS Foundation are honored through our Sustainers Society, receive invitations to special events, and are recognized in select MJHS publications and newsletters.

What is Planned Giving?

Planned Giving (sometimes called Gift Planning or Legacy Giving) enables you to make more significant gifts to charitable organizations in your will or estate plan. It is a powerful way for you to continue to ensure that patients and families in your community will receive our compassionate care for years to come. There are a few different ways you can leave a legacy; below, we cover a few common ones. 

Types of Planned Giving


A bequest is a gift made as part of a will or trust. To make a bequest, you must leave instructions, typically in a will. There are many different types of bequests, each with its benefits. Below are examples of language you can add to your will if you want to make a bequest. 

Language to Make a General Gift

“I give and bequeath the sum of $___ (or ___% of my residuary estate) to MJHS Foundation, to be used in support of its general charitable purposes.”

Language to Make a Gift for Specific Purposes

“I give and bequeath the sum of $___ (or ___% of my residuary estate) to MJHS Foundation, to be used in support of _____ (e.g., Hospice, Dementia programming, Creative Arts and Music Therapy) at MJHS Health System.”

“If changed circumstances should at some future time make it impractical to continue administering the Fund for the purpose designated, then the MJHS Foundation Board of Directors may redesignate the purpose, provided the terms adhere as closely as possible to my original intent.”

Charitable Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity is an agreement between a donor and a charity with specific terms. Usually, the terms include the donor making a sizeable gift to a charity using cash, securities, or possibly other assets. 

In return for your donation, you can receive a lifetime annuity, a fixed income payable to you or a loved one.

You can leave a charitable gift annuity through the UJA Federation of New York on behalf of MJHS.

Gifts of Appreciated Stocks and Bonds

You may choose to contribute appreciated securities, including stocks or bonds, to the MJHS Foundation, which will provide you with capital gains tax savings and allow you to claim an income tax charitable deduction while supporting our mission to provide access to health, supportive and community-based services across the continuum of need.

Mutual Fund Shares

Contributions may also be made from mutual fund accounts by writing a letter of instruction to your mutual fund stating the number of shares being given to MJHS Foundation, the timing of the gift, and the name of the account from which the shares are coming.

For a complete list of programs you can support, please get in touch with us at 212-356-5300.

MJHS Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization. (Tax Id: 11-1630753)
All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Declaration of Charitable Intent

If you want to learn more about making a planned gift, please get in touch with us at 212-356-5300 or fill out the Declaration of Charitable Intent Form below. You may also download the form and mail it to the MJHS Foundation. We welcome speaking with you or your financial or legal advisors.

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