Sustainers Society

The Sustainers Society recognizes and honors all individuals who have committed to providing support for MJHS through a planned gift. By joining others who have taken this step, you can take satisfaction from knowing that you are leaving an important legacy.

For information on how to join, please email Allison M. Wesalo at [email protected].

  • Anonymous(2)
    Estate of Stephanie Arcel*
    Estate of Morris Barocas*
    Dorothea Blom-Thayer, Ph.D.
    Estate of Iris M. Boteler*
    Estate of Catherine Clarke*
    Estate of Phyllis and Lee Coffey*
    Lynn Cohen
    Estate of Mary E. Cullen*
    Estate of Joseph Djmal*
    Rozelle and Lawrence Dorfman
    Estate of Marilyn Dubcoff*
    Estate of Eileen Enders*
    Heide and Hank Federman
    Evans Fils-Aimé
    Doris Finkelstein
    Estate of Mary Finn*
    Cheryl Fishbein and Philip Schatten
  • Donna Ford
    Richard Glazer
    Estate of Ethel R. Goldenberg*
    Estate of Minnie Gordon*
    Mary Beth Greenberg
    Estate of Lydia C. Heller*
    Estate of Olga Hollander*
    Estate of Martin S. James*
    Marilyn Kagan
    Estate of Eva Kaye*
  • Estate of Benjamin G. Kerr*
    Estate of Ruth Kowalsky*
    Regina Lee
    Estate of Martha B. Leigh*
    Laurie Gilden Lindner, Ph.D.
    Marcia M. Lotto
    Joyce Lowinson, M.D.
    Estate of Linda G. March*
    Estate of Florence Neinken*
    Toby Nemiroff
  • Miriam Rabban
    Estate of Felicia Ray*
    Estate of Eleanor Rosenstiel*
    Renee Sarton
    Estate of Saul Shapiro*
    Estate of Jutta Tannhauser*
    Estate of Evelyn Wechsler*
    Estate of Rachel Winston Rippy*


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