Sustainers Society

The Sustainers Society recognizes and honors all individuals who have committed to providing support for MJHS through a planned gift. By joining others who have taken this step, you can take satisfaction from knowing that you are leaving an important legacy.

Anonymous (3)
Estate of Stephanie Arcel*
Estate of Morris Barocas*
Dorothea Blom-Thayer, Ph.D.
Estate of Iris M. Boteler*
Estate of Catherine Clarke*
Estate of Phyllis and
Lee Coffey*
Lynn Cohen

Estate of Mary E. Cullen*
Estate of Joseph Djmal*
Rozelle and Lawrence Dorfman
Estate of Marilyn Dubcoff*
Estate of Eileen Enders*
Heide and Hank Federman
Evans Fils-Aimé
Doris Finkelstein
Estate of Mary Elizabeth Finn*
Cheryl Fishbein and Philip Schatten

Donna Ford
Richard Glazer
Estate of Ethel R. Goldenberg*
Estate of Minnie Gordon*
Mary Beth Greenberg
Estate of Lydia C. Heller*
Estate of Olga Hollander*
Estate of Martin S. James*
Marilyn Kagan
Estate of Eva Kaye*

Estate of Benjamin G. Kerr*
Estate of Ruth Kowalsky*
Regina Lee
Estate of Martha B. Leigh*
Laurie Gilden Lindner, Ph.D.
Marcia M. Lotto*
Joyce Lowinson, M.D.
Estate of Linda G. March*
Estate of Florence Neinken*
Toby Nemiroff

Miriam Rabban
Estate of Felicia Ray*
Estate of Eleanor Rosenstiel*
Renee Sarton
John A. Shapiro
Estate of Saul Shapiro*
Estate of Jutta Tannhauser*
Estate of Evelyn Wechsler*
Estate of Rachel Winston

* Posthumous


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