Jerry Gold Memorial Fund Banner

To commemorate the anniversary of her husbands’ passing, Judy established the Jerry Gold Memorial Fund in support of the MJHS STAR Program.

Dear Friend,

February 26, 2021 will mark the fifth anniversary of Jerry’s passing. During these five years I moved, Allison married and the world, as we knew it, changed! 2020 has challenged us all, and I can’t help but wonder what Jerry would think. I know whatever he thought his words would be wise and soothing. I am very grateful for all the support given to the Jerry Gold Memorial Fund since it was established in 2017. Thus far we have raised almost $40,000, which has provided an additional 1,739 hours of home health aide support.


One of the first things I heard when I joined a Lewy Body Dementia support group in 2014, was how important it is for the caregiver to take care of the caregiver. As you know, I was one of the lucky ones who could afford to hire home health aides (HHAs) so Jerry could remain at home. That allowed me free time to care for myself. For most of the caregivers I met in my support group, that was not an option. I created the Jerry Gold Memorial Fund at MJHS Hospice to honor Jerry’s legacy and to give back to those who gave so much to us.


This fund became even more crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic. I recently learned about Marie, a 70-year-old woman with pancreatic cancer, who could no longer see her family. Her husband had passed years prior and her son took on the role as her primary caregiver. However his daughter, Marie’s granddaughter, is immunocompromised and the family worried that Marie’s exposure to different healthcare providers could put her granddaughter at risk making it impossible for her son to continue to care for her. Marie struggled to live on her own and needed assistance with activities of daily life like going to the bathroom and dressing. Thanks to this fund and your generosity, MJHS was able to provide her with additional HHA hours. These hours made it possible for her to continue to live on her own instead of going into a nursing home or hospital.


Please join me again this year in supporting this worthy cause. Now during the Covid-19 pandemic help is needed more than ever before. For every $23 you donate to the Jerry Gold Memorial Fund, MJHS Hospice will be able to provide an additional hour of home health aide support to a deserving family.


Thank you for keeping Jerry’s legacy alive by supporting this very special program.




MJHS Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization. (Tax Id 11-1630753) All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.