Louis Arturo Memorial Fund

To celebrate what would have been our son Louie’s birthday, we established The Louis Arturo Rago Memorial Fund to support pediatric hospice care at MJHS Health System.

Louie’s time with us was far too brief, and for so much of it, he needed constant care and support. For us, it wasn’t until MJHS came into the picture that we felt we had the right level of support for him. At the end of life, Louie had a team of clinicians who cared for him lovingly and helped us navigate the complexities of his terminal illness. Their supportive, compassionate care enabled us to enjoy our time with him, and we are forever grateful. We want to help ensure that this specialized care is always available to families in need, so we chose MJHS as the home for this memorial fund.

Together we have raised over $20,000!

Last August, we reached out to you asking to support us in our endeavor to establish a fund at MJHS Health System in Louie’s memory that would not only help people in need of pediatric hospice care but also clinicians directly in contact with those families in the form of education, outreach, and training.  We are happy to report that these initiatives are well underway, and we couldn’t have done it without your generosity and the support of our friends and family; thank you!  Together in 2020, we raised over $20,000 for The Louis Arturo Rago Memorial Fund.  We want to do it again this year in celebration of what would have been Louie’s 4th birthday.

Over the last year, MJHS has invested in building the pediatric program.  They hired two new nurses and a nurse practitioner, enabling them to triple the amount of families they can serve at one time.  In addition to that, they are creating an interdisciplinary curriculum for all hospice clinicians to increase the comfort and understanding of the unique needs of families with terminally ill children.  We are proud that this fund in our son’s memory is helping to make this possible.

Please join us in helping MJHS keep up the momentum in 2021.  We are thankful to everyone who made a gift last year. A gift today to The Louis Arturo Rago Memorial Fund will help ensure this wonderful, compassionate, invaluable care can continue into the future.

Thank you for celebrating Louie’s birthday with us.


Emily & Greg