Louis Arturo Memorial Fund

Two years ago, we reached out to you for the first time, asking you to support us in our endeavor to establish a fund at MJHS Health System in Louie’s memory. We hoped the fund would help people in need of pediatric hospice care and the clinicians directly in contact with those families through education, outreach, and training. We are happy to report that these initiatives are well underway, and we couldn’t have done it without your generosity and the support of our friends and family; thank you! 

Together, we have raised close to $34,000 for The Louis Arturo Rago Memorial Fund since its establishment, and we have been blown away by your continued generosity. This fund has become a way for us to celebrate what would have been Louie’s birthdays. This year, in celebration of his 5th birthday, we hope you will join us again in supporting this worthy cause.


Our family benefited from the support and diverse skills of MJHS clinicians on a nearly daily basis for most of Louie’s life. It is an understatement to say that before they came into our lives, we could not handle the daily tasks of Louie’s care and the emotional toll on our family.

MJHS brought us the best level of support for him and for us. They enabled our family to have “normal” moments of calm, laughter, and togetherness. Their pediatric hospice program provided an invaluable service to those during an unthinkable time for their family.  

With the funds we have raised, MJHS has continued investing in building the pediatric program to train more clinicians to care for the unique needs of pediatric patients and their families. Over the last year, they have made tremendous accomplishments; 

  • Created an educational curriculum and started rolling it out to team managers
  • Trained three nurse champions supporting pediatric families in their catchment 
  • Contributed to an Oxford academic textbook that will be used to train clinicians across the country
  • Met with hospitals and medical teams throughout the city to educate them on pediatric hospice
  • Currently recruiting two additional full-time pediatric nurses 

All of these strides are supported by the generosity of supporters of Louie’s fund.

Please join us in helping MJHS keep up the momentum in 2022. We are thankful to everyone who made a gift last year. Today’s contribution to The Louis Arturo Rago Memorial Fund will help ensure this outstanding, compassionate, invaluable care can continue into the future.

Thank you for celebrating Louie’s birthday with us.


Emily & Greg