Art & Soul™ Creative Arts Therapy

Your contribution to  Art & Soul™ Creative Arts Therapy allows us to continue to provide this wonderful program to patients and family in our hospice program. Using music, art, and other creative approaches, our team is able to create a safe space for patients, families, and children to work through and express their emotions and begin to lay the groundwork for bereavement.

Young Boy Placing Feathers on Fabric Art Piece

Core elements of Art & Soul™ include:

  • Culturally-specific therapeutic services that honor the rituals, traditions and holidays preferred by families and provide emotional support to anyone who has experienced past suffering related to trauma or loss, such as Holocaust survivors, immigrants and veterans
  • Legacy projects designed with patients and families to portray and memorialize patient and family contributions to one another and to the world through recording of memories through hand/foot prints, song dedications, CDs and other creations
  • Group music therapy and art therapy sessions, offered in homes and facilities, enhancing social support and communication
  • Bereavement sessions for parents, siblings and children, providing support during grief, enhancing coping skills and permitting shared experience through culturally-specific remembrances
  • Staff support provided through memorial services that provide for the self-care needs of frontline staff
  • Internship training for college students (and future music therapy clinicians) providing 6 to 9 months of supervised training

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