Menorah Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Fund

Our Menorah Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Care offers short-term, sub-acute rehabilitation and long-term nursing care in an idyllic setting on the ocean in Manhattan Beach. Rated 5 stars overall by US News & World Report, we are a not-for-profit, state-of-the-art center staffed with highly-trained professionals.

Where will your donation go? How will it help? Find out here.

Your support of the Menorah Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Care supports the programs and services that our Menorah Center provides for its patients that may not be covered by insurance, such as:

Keys to Dementia Care

For many of our residents with dementia, a music therapy program helps unlock hidden joys. A phenomenal, data-driven curriculum created by MJHS experts called Keys to Dementia Care outlines how the use of music and instruments can re-open minds and rejuvenate relationships. Because of donations from donors like you, MJHS can continue to train its staff on music-assisted care techniques that result in a higher level of care and stronger bonding between residents, family members and staff.

Chaplaincy/Spiritual Programming

Our spiritual care specialists focus on caring for the whole-person, which encompasses spirit, mind and body. They serve those who are ill, family and friend caregivers, and other health care professionals who deal every day with the stress of illness and loss. They provide religious services at holidays and special occasions throughout the year and develop relationships with our residents, even performing a variety of life cycle ceremonies.

Art & Soul™ Creative Arts Therapy

The creative arts therapy team supports the unique needs of our patients and family members through music, art and other creative approaches. Our team creates a safe space for patients and their families, including children, to create legacy projects, work through and express their emotions; and receive supportive counseling to develop healthy coping skills.

Patient Care Fund

The Patient Care Fund is dedicated to meeting the health and quality of life care needs for the patients and families of MJHS. Funded solely by charitable contributions, the fund is able to assist in the purchase of items and services deemed appropriate by the patient, patient’s family and MJHS caregivers, such as wheel chairs, walkers or grab bars. Each patient is eligible for up to $500 of assistance annually through the fund.

Recreational Therapy

The opportunity to laugh, smile and be active should never be underestimated. From live music and dance, to art and cooking classes, we offer an endless array of activities to enrich the lives of our patients and residents.

MJHS Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization. (Tax Id: 11-1630753) All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.