Centers for Rehabilitation and Nursing Care

Supporting programs that provide residents with a better quality of life has never been more critical.

When a loved one can no longer live safely on their own, they can count on one of our two outstanding skilled nursing centers: Isabella, located in northern Manhattan, or Menorah, located in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn. Both centers offer a home away from home, medical and emotional support, specialized programs, a stimulating social environment, and a community they will grow to love. Menorah and Isabella also offer numerous programs and services that go above the standard of care. The continuation of these programs depends on donations from our community. Some of these programs are:

Dementia Care

Seeks to empower and reconnect memory-impaired residents with their passions through specialized non-pharmacological treatments, sensory activities, memory stimulation, and therapeutic experiences. A phenomenal, data-driven curriculum created by MJHS experts called Keys to Dementia Care outlines how the use of music and instruments can re-open minds and rejuvenate relationships. Because of donations from donors like you, MJHS can continue to support dementia care by training staff on techniques that result in a higher level of care and stronger bonding between residents, family members, and staff.

Spiritual Support

It focuses on caring for the whole person, encompassing spirit, mind, and body. Our pastoral staff visits residents who are ill and supports families and caregivers who must cope with the stress of their loved one’s illness or loss. Because of donations from donors like you, we can go the extra mile by providing religious services on holidays and special occasions throughout the year and even performing a variety of life cycle ceremonies.

Recreational Enrichment

Enriches the lives of our patients and residents through live music, singing, dance/movement, photography, art, cooking classes, horticultural programs, and live or robotic pet visits. Because of donations from donors like you, we can continue to add to this already exciting curriculum that helps residents live life to the fullest.

Hospice Care

Our hospice program offers residents diagnosed with a life-limiting illness an added layer of care and support, as well as the opportunity to receive care in a dedicated wing with a home-like environment. Thanks to donations from donors and grateful families, we can continue to provide this specialized level of care.