Making a Memorial Gift

A Memorial Gift is a thoughtful way to honor the memory of a relative, friend or loved one. It can also mark a special occasion like a birthday, wedding or anniversary. There are many ways to make a memorial gift to MJHS Health System through our Foundation.

When you make a donation to us you can choose to make a gift in memory of someone that has passed or as a way to express sympathy to the family of a deceased friend or relative. You can also make a gift in honor of someone as a way to celebrate a special occasion, recognize an achievement or show your appreciation for a frontline staff that cared for your loved one. We can also help you start a Memorial Fund in honor of a loved one. Please contact Allison Mondell Wesalo at 212-649-5228 or [email protected].

Memorial gifts can also take the “physical” form. Like our Tree of Life which lives within the walls of MJHS Health System.

If you choose to observe customs associated with mourning and memorializing a loved one through prayer and reflection we offer Yahrzeit and Jewish Memorial Prayers as well.

We know that everyone has their own way of dealing with loss and we are here to support you every step of the way. If you need additional support and education you can also reach out to our Bereavement department and join one of our support groups.

Browse the Different Ways You Can Make a Memorial Gift

Jewish Memorial Prayers

Our MJHS Rabbis are available to help observe customs associated with mourning and memorializing a loved one.

Circle of Caring

Honor a health care worker that made a difference in the care you or your loved one received.

Tree of Life

Inscribe the name of a loved one or caregiver on our memorial Tree of Life as a lasting way to honor their life and legacy.