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Building Memories at the End of Life

Despite being diagnosed with a terminal illness, JT was a strong, intelligent, and selfless 20-year-old who could light up the whole room with his smile and dance moves. JT was always thinking about those around him and wanted to ensure everyone was doing ok, especially his mom. JT and his mom struggled to cope with his diagnosis and manage his symptoms of pain, nausea, and increasing fatigue. 

While receiving care from MJHS Hospice, he bonded pretty quickly with his nurse. He shared his dreams of becoming an entrepreneur with her; they listened to his favorite songs, acted goofy around her, and showed off his dance moves. JT was comforted by her and looked forward to her visits. During one visit, JT mentioned that he wanted to see the upcoming Nets vs. Lakers game and watch LeBron James and Kevin Durant play against each other. She wanted JT to have a fun night that was all about him, where he could just be a 20-year-old without any stress or worry about his illness. So, she tapped into the MJHS Build a Memory program and planned a VIP night with the Brooklyn Nets. for JT and his family. 

A Dream Comes True

On the night of the basketball game, MJHS picked JT and his mom up in a car and brought them to the Barclays Center, where they had a private section to watch the game. They ordered lots of delicious food, and JT ate a chicken sandwich, pretzel, and ginger ale. To top it off, the Brooklyn Nets staff came to visit JT and gave him an autographed jersey and hat. JT and his mom danced, joked around, and loved the game’s energy. They both had the biggest smiles. For this one night, they could momentarily forget about his illness and share a fun night that they would never forget.

When JT’s nurse visited him after, he couldn’t stop talking about how much fun he had. He told all of his family members about the game, reliving every moment of the night.

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“Every single day I thank MJHS doctors, nurses, social workers, as well as the chaplain and music therapist for their compassion, care and being our life saver.”

— Carmen Abruzzo