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Finding Love And Leaving A Legacy

Annette benefited from your generosity. Now I’m paying it forward. Here’s my story.

From the moment we met, I knew that Annette was special. She brought out a softer side of me, and even after 30 years of marriage, we were deeply in love.

A few years ago, Annette was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Her treatment went well, and we were finally able to pursue our dream of buying a love nest in Chicago. Sadly, we were never able to use it. Last year, we found out that Annette’s cancer had spread, and she was suffering with intense pain. While in the hospital, Annette told me that she wanted to die at home. I didn’t know what to do, so I reached out to the hospital staff to keep her word. They recommended MJHS Hospice, and I’m forever thankful that they did.

When we were home, I was completely overwhelmed with emotions and felt unable to care for Annette’s increasing needs. Our nurse and social worker saw this and went above and beyond to visit us more to make sure that we were always cared for. I loved when our music therapist came to play Annette’s favorite songs on the guitar and when our chaplain visited to offer comforting words. Even during this most challenging time, Annette and I found joy and peace because we knew MJHS was by our side.

I am so blessed to have had Annette in my life. And so grateful that we had MJHS to support us every step of the way so that Annette and I could cherish our remaining time together. That’s why I decided to give back to MJHS. I know that their care made such a difference for us, and I will be a lifelong donor to help all families in need receive the same incredible care.


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Honoring Our Clinicians

In honor of National Nurses Month, we're highlighting the Circle of Caring program at MJHS . Since its inception in 2021, grateful families have honored over 115 MJHS clinicians - nurses, doctors, pastoral care, therapists, social workers, and staff, who have dedicated their lives to helping others.

“Every single day I thank MJHS doctors, nurses, social workers, as well as the chaplain and music therapist for their compassion, care and being our life saver.”

— Carmen Abruzzo