Making a Difference in the Life of a Pediatric Hospice Patient

Aniya began receiving care from MJHS Hospice after two years of failed treatments. She was unable to walk, in constant pain, weak and plagued by frequent seizures.

This is how gifts from donors like you, made a difference in their lives.

June 26, 2020 was one of the happiest days of my life. After almost two years of receiving care from MJHS Hospice, my daughter Aniya graduated off the program. With the help of the pediatric care team at MJHS Hospice, she is living a full life despite having been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor when she was just 7 years old. Their expert, compassionate care has given Aniya a renewed energy that I never thought I’d see again. I am forever grateful and I’m reaching out to you in hopes that you will support MJHS Hospice with a gift today.

Aniya began receiving care from MJHS Hospice after two years of failed treatments. She was weak, unable to walk, incontinent, in constant pain, and plagued by frequent seizures. As a single mom, this was more than I could handle on my own, so I quit my job to be Aniya’s full-time caregiver. I saw how much she was suffering and reached out to MJHS Hospice for comfort care—while Aniya continued oncology treatments. The clinicians from MJHS came to our home, helped us get resources in place and guided me through this unimaginable situation. As Aniya got stronger, we created memories together that didn’t involve hospital rooms. Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, we went to a Brooklyn Nets game at the Barclays Center as part of the MJHS Build a Memory program. And each December, members of our hospice team brought holiday cheer, the gift of song and thoughtful presents.

The last two years could have been filled with stress, anxiety and tears, but MJHS showed us how to find the joy. On July 2nd, Aniya’s entire care team came to our home with fettuccini pizza (Aniya’s favorite), balloons and a pinata to celebrate her “graduation.” A few weeks later, Aniya’s oncologist told us the tumor is gone…and we were warned that it may come back. For now, Aniya and I are enjoying everyday things: Aniya can walk on her own, she eats like a pre-teen, and the seizures from her chemo are gone. I’m also enjoying watching my tween love her stuffed animals as much as trying on make-up and asserting her independence. We owe a lot of thanks to MJHS.

Please ensure that this high-quality care is available to those in need with a gift today. I hope that no family ever has to go through the pain caused by a terminal diagnosis, but if they do, your support enables MJHS Hospice to be by their side.

Happy Holidays,

P.S Thank you for reading my story and making your best gift today!

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